Our Mistakes Are Your Opportunities


Opportunities come in different forms. Sometimes, when someone makes a mistake, that mistake can be your opportunity to get something really great.

Well, I made a few mistakes here. (Yes, that does happen. More than you can possibly imagine!)

Since we’re celebrating Spring, we’re been doing some cleaning around here. In the process, we found books of which we printed too many copies. (In business terms, we misjudged demand and created a surplus of supply. Or something like that….)

So, our mistakes are your opportunities!

These are great books — a few best sellers — and  you can have them for only ONE DOLLAR a piece.

Now, we only have a limited number of these books. So please grab ‘em now. Once we’re out of them, then that’s it — we’re out! We gotta make some room for our new releases! (Hint! Hint!)

Pro-Tip: Yes, you can use whatever Coupon Codes you have for these ONE DOLLAR books.

Once again, we wish you and yours a very Happy Spring! A very Happy Easter! And, of course, the BEST of EVERYTHING!

All of These Books. Only One Dollar Each!

129 More Seminar Speaking Success TipsAdd to book bag!

by David R. Portney ISBN: 9780967851488 | Size: 5.25" x 8" | 152 pages 129 more tips and techniques you can use right away to build relationships with potential customers and clients using the most powerful method remaining to date: public speaking and seminars. See more about 129 More Seminar Speaking Success Tips...

Getting Connected Through Exceptional LeadershipAdd to book bag!

by Karl Walinskas ISBN: 9780967851419 | Size: 6" x 9" | 126 pages How to transcend ordinary, stake management practices and master the art of connecting with others through extraordinary leadership skill. See more about Getting Connected Through Exceptional Leadership...

Why I WalkAdd to book bag!

by Harold Cameron ISBN: 9780976111191 | Size: 5.25" x 8" | 128 pages One Man Positively Crossing America with Hope, Faith, Love, and God Despite all the odds, Harold is going to fight brain tumors and spread his message of hope, faith, and love the best way he knows how: By walking across America and back. This is why he walks. See more about Why I Walk...

Road Map for National Security: Imperative to ChangeAdd to book bag!

by The US Commission on National Security ISBN: 9780967851433 | Size: 6" x 9" | 250 pages A highly ambitious, thoroughly researched, and absolutely possible vision of America’s secure future in a turbulent world, this book is of critical importance to all Americans, and indeed, all citizens of the world. See more about Road Map for National Security: Imperative to Change...

Size Matters!Add to book bag!

by MiMi Paris ISBN: 9780967851426 | Size: 6" x 9" | 88 pages 21 Truths you should know to enjoy a lifetime of “Effortless Success.” See more about Size Matters!...


Books by the Boatload (Attention Business Owners, Network Marketers, and Other Smart People)


Are you a business owner with employees whose skills and talents you want to foster and help grow?

Or are you a network marketer with a downline of people that you want to motivate to new levels of performance?

How about a shop owner looking for products guaranteed to sell?

Kallisti Publishing has something (actually, a LOT of things) for you!

Right here on our web site you can order the Books You Need to Succeed in bulk for your staff, employees, customers, and downline.

As you know, all of our titles are already discounted. When you order our titles in bulk, you will receive a massive discount — up to 70% off the retail price!

Imagine getting Jim Straw’s incredible book Mustard Seeds, Shovels, & Mountains for only $2.99 a copy. Imagine how that book in the hands of your downline would increase your residuals.

How about the increases in profits you’ll see when your employees have The Power of Being Articulate in their hands? (For as low as $4.50 per copy.) If only one employee implemented just one idea that increases your bottom line by 1%… Well, you’d be making an insane return on investment!

If you run a wellness center or a gym, books at these prices will give you an additional stream of revenue with a product that doesn’t go bad and sells itself.

Want to know what makes buying in bulk even better? (Yes, it CAN get better!)

Free shipping. If you’re in the United States, you will get free shipping.

Here’s how to take advantage of buying in bulk here: when you add the book that you want to your Book Bag, just select the quantity you want and we will automatically calculate the discount. (You will find our discount schedule here.) Easy!

Buy in the Books You Need to Succeed in bulk. Save big money. See huge returns.

Move Forward Boldly in 2014…



A new year.

A new time to take the initiative.

So take it.

Take the initiative and in 2014 move forward boldly.

Make it great.

Happy Holidays to You and Yours from Kallisti Publishing

Happy Holidays from Kallisti Publishing

The Holidays are upon us. The mad dashes for last minute gifts. Preparing the holiday meals. Wondering if we’ve been too naughty … or too nice.

Wherever you are and whomever you’re with, we’ve found three things that make the Holidays great.

First, giving. Sure, this is the time of year where we expect to receive gifts. We’ve found it more gratifying, though, to give rather than receive. Why that is, we don’t know. It just is. Try it and see.

Second, celebrate. No matter your faith or beliefs. No matter the where you are. No matter if you’re in a huge group or if there are only a few. Take the time to pause and celebrate the Season. Whether that be with a special meal or a large party, you find that a little celebration lifts the soul and makes you (and everyone around you) merry.

Finally, read. Vacations and snow days and time to ourselves. It’s the perfect time to read. A new book or an old friend. It doesn’t matter. Take the time to turn the pages of a book or two.

We at Kallisti Publishing wish you and yours the best of everything during this Holiday Season.