Passion. Dreams. Music. A Rockin’ and Rollin’ Story Made on the 1960s Sunset Strip in Hollywood.

From their early verve for music and the promise of a record deal to their misadventures behind the wheels of classic cars, all the way to the crushing tragedy that serves as the book’s climactic moment, Rusty, Joey, and Eddie live out their lives like the characters of a Springsteen song. With Johnson’s infectious writing style and his palpable love for both his music and his friends, Walk, Don’t Run is a song you’ll want to experience for yourself—probably more than once.

Walk, Don’t Run is available in paperback and eBook formats from You can also buy the book directly from its publisher, Kallisti Publishing. Purchases of the book come with a free download of the “soundtrack,” which features a set of songs that Rusty and Eddie recorded in 1968. The soundtrack is available at