Thomas G. Papps

Author of The 8 Reasons for Divorce

Thomas G. Papps obtained his Law degree from Ohio State. Because of his high ranking on the bar exam, he received offers from many firms, one in Cleveland being the biggest law firm in the world at that time. He turned them down. He opened a storefront office and after winning a few trials, lawyers began sending their cases to do for them.

In 1963 Mr. Papps was the first lawyer in America to file a case in Pittsburgh on the basis that the doctor did not sufficiently explain the consequences of a treatment. He won a large judgment and it was sustained by the supreme court of Pennsylvania in Grey v. Grunnagle. This is  now the law in every state in the U.S. and is called “failure of informed consent.”

In Kalamazoo, Michigan Mr. Papps tried a criminal case and won an acquittal. This case, Michigan v. Brayboy, was used by several major Michigan universities to teach “search and seizure,” even though the case was at the lowest level of court.

In the Supreme Court of Ohio in Weyland v. Countrymart Grain Company of Lima, Ohio, Mr. Papps established  the doctrine of “deliberate tort” in Ohio, which is a method of by-passing the “Workman’s Compensation” limits.

In the Supreme Court of the U.S. against Thurgood Marshall when he was solicitor general, and later a Justice,  Mr. Papps obtained a reduction in sentence for his client from seven years to nine months in the case of  U.S. v. Jimmy Johnson.

As a lawyer handling divorces, Mr. Papps has been the attorney of record in almost 2,000 cases. There isn’t much that he hasn’t seen: from polygamists to cheating spouses to the case of the “hero,” the husband who would not divorce his wife even though it meant that he would lose everything for which he hd worked his entire life. These cases provided the data from which Mr. Papps would deduce the eight true and underlying reasons for divorce. By investigating them deeply, Mr. Papps would then deduce something greater: how a couple could practically guarantee a marriage that could last a lifetime — or save a marriage that is on the verge of faltering.

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by Thomas G. Papps ISBN:

978-0-9848162-3-1 | Size: 4.5" x 7.5" | 112 pages

An Inspirational Account of One Man's Brush with God When Mr. Papps' sister fell ill with a life-threatening condition, Mr. Papps, an ardent non-believer of anything spiritual or religious, challenged God to prove His existence. What transpired will both amaze and befuddle you. See more about God Wore Glasses...

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by Thomas G. Papps ISBN: 978-0-9848162-1-7 | Size: 5.25" x 8" | 208 pages Why Marriages and Relationships Fail and How to Ensure That Yours Doesn't In The 8 Reasons for Divorce, Mr. Papps will share with you his findings as to the true causes for divorce after analyzing almost 2,000 divorce cases in which he was an attorney. See more about 8 Reasons for Divorce, The...

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