How to Write and Sell a Book That People Want

An aspiring author recently asked what kind of book he should write that he can sell and make a million.

The answer is that nobody knows.

But, there are things any author can — and should — do to increase the odds of a book’s success.

Start a blog.

Join discussions — both online and off.

See what people want.

Have a message or an idea that only YOU can deliver.

Then read a LOT of books.

Write something every day.

Then write your book.

Then throw it away and write it again.

Then let some people see it.

Then edit it.

Then edit it again.

Then make changes.

Then write it again.

Then let people read it.

Then publish it.

Then MARKET it.

Tell people about the book everyday.

Never stop.

Realize that there is only ONE person responsible for the success or failure of your book: the author.

To summarize these points:

Build an audience.

Write a book.

Sell the book.

Repeat with a new book.

The path of becoming an author is difficult, not to mention becoming a successful author.

Yes, there is a difference. Anyone can become an author; not every person will succeed at it.

It takes work, hard work, tenacity, daring, malleability, strength, responsibility, and much more to become a successful author. They don’t just “happen.” They work hard at their craft. They grow.

And when they succeed, it is all worth it.

More than money or fame or any other kind of recognition is the fact that a book is permanent. A successful book becomes a part of the world’s library — a milestone in history that the human race carries with it forward to territories unknown.

Use the advice presented here and write your book.

Start today. You’ll be glad that you did.