Master Key System, The

The book that inspired the international hit movie The Secret! The definitive edition of the timeless classic about health, wealth, and success. It is complete and unabridged with footnotes and a biography of Charles F. Haanel.

ISBN: 9780967851402
Author: Charles F. Haanel   
Format: Paperback (5.25 x 8), ebook (epub)
Page Count: 248
Publish Date: January 2000
List Price: $19.95
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“The inscription ‘Know Thyself,’ as written over the entrance of the Temple Delphi, 600 B.C., does not apply to the Greeks alone, but is a command to every man and every woman of every age. It is written over the door of each living temple, not as a decoration, but is the passport into the city beautiful. Every door that swings ajar from ignorance to wisdom, from lack to plenty, from death to life, has done so because the Master of the House has found the Master Key.”

The Master Key System is the only clear, concise, comprehensive, definitive, distinctive, and scientific presentation of the creative power of thought ever formulated by any one at any one time. It is a system that teaches the ultimate principles, causes, effects, and laws that underlie all attainment and success. When you want to attain something, The Master Key System will show you how to get it.

The results you will gain from using this system are so startling as to appear incredible. For this reason, more and more people are becoming students of The Master Key System than ever before.

Unlock your power and potential by reading and learning The Master Key System.

Read it! You will learn the solution to attaining your goals and solving all of your problems — personal, financial, and business.

“I’m privileged to have been given a photostated copy of the book and believe it to be priceless… The transformation in our lives has been nothing short of miraculous and I can attribute that solely to the Master Key and its philosophy.”

—Gary A., South Africa

“Just a note to let you know that I am very happy with my Master Key book! I am about half way through it now. I decided to read it through completely first, then go back and read each chapter and practice for the week like it is laid out.”

—Roger S., Florida

“Being greatly interested in self-improvement and anything that can help me grow my business, when someone told me about The Master Key System, I immediately got it. It is one of the best books I’ve ever read! My business is growing by leaps and bounds and I can only attribute that to what I learned in this book.”

—Charles U., Pennsylvania

“I have been looking for this book for over ten years!” —Chris R., California

“I like it and my patients love it. I am glad I found this book. What a find!”

—Dr. Cindy K., Pennsylvania

“Reading this book has been one of the most positive experiences of my life. I knew I had it in me to succeed, but I just didn’t know how to access it. Now I do and already I can see changes taking place. I know I will be where I want to be in just a couple of years. What used to be a fantasy is now a goal. Thank you, Mr. Haanel.”

—Bob S., Arizona

“The English language is inadequate to express my appreciation of your Master Key System.”

—Arthur S., New York

“It has brought into my life something for which I had blindly been reaching for twenty years, but I knew not where to find it.”

—Anna T., Missouri

“The Master Key has made a discontented, hating attitude in me into a contented, harmonious, loving, and happy man.”

—John H., Missouri

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