I Believe Therefore I Am: How to Deliberately Live Your Life by Programming Your Mind for Success, Happiness, Love, and Fulfillment

Because of the ideas, methods, and skills you will learn in this book, you will become balanced in all areas of your thinking and action and you will begin to deliberately live the life of your own choosing — a life of success, happiness, love, and fulfillment.

ISBN: 9780967851471
Author: Claire McGee, M.Msc   
Format: Paperback (5.25 x 8), ebook (epub)
Page Count: 176
Publish Date: July 2010
List Price: $17
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What do you need to do to get your subconscious mind to believe and work cooperatively with your conscious efforts to manifest what you desire in life?

Your reality is composed of habits formed through many years of self-programming. These habits influence and define your beliefs, which cause you to experience the same patterns in your life over and over again — for good or bad. Whatever you believe is your “reality” becomes your reality.

Through a process of self-reflection and realization guided by author, consultant, and coach Claire McGee, you will discover how to eliminate your bad habits and enhance your good habits. You will delve into what the “Law of Attraction” is and what you can do to master your own success using this most incredible tool. Even before you finish this incredible book, you will come to know that your journey is just beginning and that the only limits that you face are the ones that you believe are there.

Because of the ideas, methods, and skills you will learn in this book, you will become balanced in all areas of your thinking and action and you will begin to deliberately live the life of your own choosing — a life of success, happiness, love, and fulfillment.

“Buy, read, and study this book. If you can believe it, then you can achieve it. What’s better than achieving the ‘you’ that you really want to be?”

– Tom Nicoli
Award-winning, Board Certified Hypnotist
A Better You Hypnosis, Inc.
Author of Thinking Thin: The Truth About Weight Loss

“Claire’s analysis of the language we use and how it affects our beliefs alone is worth the price of the book.”

– Mary Anne Wihbey-Davis
Author of The Sales Messenger
President, Peak Performance Solutions

“The main thing I’ve noticed about the highly successful people that I know is that they believe things about themselves and the world differently. This book will help you achieve that difference.”

– Charles Umphred
VP Marketing Scent-Sations, Inc.

“I’m all about BE-lieving; therefore, I am all about this book.”

– Fireball Tim Lawrence
Hollywood Movie Car Designer and TV Host

“To effectively use the Law of Attraction, you must know how to control your thoughts and beliefs. This book will show you how to master both.”

– John Peace

My name is Brian Brown and I am a provincial government employee with the province of New Brunswick. I had the great privilege to read Claire’s book. I can say that the book has been helpful both as a professional dealing with people and on a personal level. As a professional who is often called upon to facilitate meetings of all sorts, problem solve and work with such a wide audience both in the public sector and private sector it has been extremely helpful. I can rely on the lesson learned within the book to help maximize my potential while interacting and engaging as well as to minimize the impact of dealing with the many stresses brought on by my work.

When I get home from my work world I am more conscious of the effects my day may bring home with me both good and bad and I am better able to manage, cope and therefore create a more desired outcome in my personal life.

I find the book to be a very good read and as a result of the writer’s ability to tell very engaging personal stories, I feel that as a reader I am better able to relate and apply the lesson to my life. I have always been a person who remembers a good story and can draw lessons from it that apply to me in one way or another and this book does just that.

I am inspired to share this book with others so they may reap the benefits of such a positive influence.

— Brian Brown
Critical Infrastructure
Security and Emergencies Directorate
Public Safety

I was going through a very rough patch in my life and knew I needed to change my thinking. I have read many books about positive thinking, The Secret being the most recognizable to your subscribers. These have all laid the foundation to the mindset of “being what we think”; however, your book is the only one that gave specific exercises, examples and methods to actually be able to change how I think. The most beneficial exercises to me were the pros and cons list and the catch and release exercise. Who knew that the “bad” things I remember from my past actually had positive outcomes! What a great way to look at life! I practice the mirror exercise every morning, I do my affirmations and I visualize the outcome.

I AM achieving prosperity in all areas of my life. My outlook toward many things has been changed, in a very positive way. I have written my mission statement and my children have as well. We all have the summary from the end of the book typed up and taped on our mirrors as a daily reminder.

Near the beginning of the book you speak about the Compliment exercise. Let me tell you, I noticed the difference immediately. Not only in myself, but complete strangers on the street. People are now saying hello to me while passing on the sidewalk without me saying a word! Great book, great read and it’s wonderful you are making it available to everyone.

— Leann

I was tired, stressed and insecure when I started attending Claire’s course ‘Train Your Brain for Success’ but as I continued attending each week. I started to notice changes…subtle at first. There were more smiles, and less negative mind chatter. I started to gained confidence and let my authentic self shine through. Claire’s work has changed my life…she offered me insight and tools to eliminate self destructive patterns and replace them with empowering habits….life gets brighter each day. I take the time to reflect and appreciate….I now see life with an open full heart and it is ‘freakin fabulous”

I could never put into words the impact that Claire has made in my life. As my teacher, mentor and friend she has brought me peace of mind and allowed me to connect with my authentic self. Claire’s brilliant methods of sharing and teaching makes learning easy and enjoyable. It has been an honour and privilege to have crossed paths with this beautiful soul.

— Laurie Yeates
Nursery-Greenhouse Manager

As a manager of Human Resources, I highly recommend I Believe Therefore I Am to anyone who is truly interested in creating positive lasting change in his/her life. I have seen employees gain the ability to make changes in their lives, after reading the book, that they previously hadn’t been able to. As well, I have effectively used exercises from Train your Brain for Success to help empower employees to look outside themselves for answers and to take action.

Focusing on the law of cause and effect, and being aware of what you are creating in your life is one of the principles Claire teaches. Her use of easy to understand instruction, sharing personal life stories and examples, combined with the practical and effective exercises in the book, empower the reader to make the necessary changes in behaviour to achieve whatever s/he desires.

Anyone wishing to obtain their life’s desires will find the information and tools in I Believe Therefore I Am invaluable, and most importantly, they work!

— Ann Fitzpatrick
Human Resources Manager

Claire is above all a charismatic speaker. She shares with her audience the benefits of her education, life experience and innate wisdom. From this exceptional knowledge point, Claire delivers a clear and straight-forward message in the kind of plain talk that is part of her charm. Her message, on the other hand, is not ordinary at all; it is transformational and inspired and suitable for all who are fortunate enough to come across her caring path. Now, with her new book, she is able to reach and inspire far more people to move closer to living the life they truly deserve. I Believe Therefore I am is clearly-written and offers practical applications for drawing the best life has to bring to the reader. I find that the book can be read on a regular basis to keep motivation high. Claire includes lots of practical applications that will help keep the reader on track while moving forward.

— Kate Tingley

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