Donald Trump in His Own Words, Unedited and Fact-checked

New book series from Wilkes-Barre publisher focuses on presidential speeches.

Wilkes-Barre, PA, October 26, 2020 – The president of the United States is the most powerful person in the world and what he says is of the upmost importance. Kallisti Publishing Inc. of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania looks to chronicle the presidents’ speeches, addresses, and remarks  in a new series of books called “My Fellow Americans.” The first book in the series brings to print the current president, Donald J. Trump, whom the publisher calls the “Inspirational President.”

“How do we know who the president is or what he stands for?” asks publisher and editor Anthony Raymond Michalski of Kallisti Publishing Inc. “Primarily through his speeches. Policy-making is a political game. But what the president thinks of the issues that affect us? It’s all there in their speeches.”

Anthony Raymond devised this series of books, “My Fellow Americans,” as a way for people to get to know both American history and the amazing people who took part in it. “George Washington. John Kennedy. Ronald Reagan. Lincoln. All powerful men. And smart men!” he exclaims. “We quote them all the time. Now, I hope that we can understand them. That’s the key.”

The first book in the series My Fellow Americans . . . Donald J. Trump. “I’ve included what would be expected, such as the State of the Union Addresses. Then, I looked for those speeches that defined President Trump’s goals and policies, like his Mount Rushmore speech. Along the way, I came to refer to him as the ‘inspirational president’ because, when you read his words, he’s absolutely positive about America — both its future and its people.”

What’s next in the series? “Barack H. Obama is the next book that’s planned. Then, we’re going back to the beginning with George Washington. It’s fun and enlightening to read these words from these great people. I think everyone is going to get a lot from these books.”

My Fellow Americans . . . Donald J. Trump is available at as well as wherever books and ebooks are sold.


My Fellow Americans . . . Donald J. Trump

My Fellow Americans . . . Donald J. Trump

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