Equal Opportunity Challenges

The world is an equal opportunity challenger.

Generally, one person’s challenges are no greater than another’s.

The way one reacts to those challenges, however, can take him in the opposite direction of another.

The manner in which we deal with the positives and negatives, on a daily basis, creates the direction in which our lives will sail. When one is in the midst of a serious difficulty, however, that statement is not well received.

Rudyard Kipling displays amazing insight when he tells us to meet with Triumph and Disaster and treat those two imposters just the same. The wonderful successes we accomplish and the terrible setbacks we endure are not so intense when we review them a few years later. With the blessing of hindsight, we realize that, generally, these moments were just the normal happenings of life.

Once we form the habit of living life on an even keel, the ups and downs are somewhat neutralized; and while this is quite acceptable to us for the “downs,” maybe not so for the “ups.”

How do we endure such an even-keel existence?

Surely we must be allowed to celebrate our victories and curse our defeats.

Yes, the even-keel kind of life sounds pretty boring.

I know all of us seek an exciting life, and would not be happy or fulfilled with a vanilla existence. Therefore, I am not suggesting we all schedule a lobotomy as soon as possible. We can, however, lower our excitement when victorious and reduce our depths of despair when defeated, because there is something else we can do to move our lives into a level of positive excitement!

That is what I want to share with you this evening.

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