How to Make Good Reading Habits

You now have within your possession the Master Key.

There are no secrets nor mysteries.

There is merely the fact that you must realize your possession of the Key and take it.

Everything is possible.

You can dream any dream and have it become reality.

How do you do this? By cultivating good reading habits.

Reading is a source of inspiration, ideas, knowledge, entertainment, and information, so find new and other books to read. Continuously feed your mind. Delve into the books that are listed on this web site and in your library and anywhere else you find them.

Often, a person gets caught up in reading things that do not feed the mind properly. He will spend his time reading every newspaper, but not a spare minute for real mental food. Here is how you can model your reading habits for peak effect.

  • Self-Help/Inspiration 35%
  • Education/Knowledge 30%
  • Newspapers/Information 15%
  • Entertainment 20%

If you whittle away your time by reading slop, then you run the risk of ruining the best and only tool that you have: your mind.

That is not to say that you should neglect your entertainment, but let’s face facts, some people only tend to their entertainment wants to the exclusion of everything else. Also, while it is fine and well to be informed about current events, there comes a point when getting information is akin to gossiping. Know the difference.

By any means, you should continue to read books from which you can become educated. If you own a business, then read books about business ideas. Are you a writer? Then it would do you well to read books on style. Learn about your mind . . .

. . . and heroes . . .

. . . and history . . .

. . . and become inspired.

We live in a world where information flows like water. Knowledge pours into our lives from every corner. Fill your glass with it.