Inspirational Quotes in Swahili (Because Why Not?)

Learning a foreign language is fun. It expands the mind as well as keeps it young and strong. Whether you learn French or Spanish, Japanese or Swahili, you’re in for a very good time.

Not only that, you’re preparing yourself for the big, wide world. A world where anything awesome can happen.

And, as you know, the more you’re prepared, the more fun you will have.

So, with all that, here are some INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES in . . .

. . . wait for it . . .

. . . SWAHILI!

Because why not?

Swahili is a fun language. Maybe this will impel you to study it and learn it.

Asante! Kila la kheri! Kwaheri!

Incredible Inspirational Quotes in Swahili!

Incredible Inspirational Quotes in Swahili!