Charles F. Haanel Died Sixty-eight Years Ago Today

Charles Francis Haanel, the “Man Who Unlocked the World,” passed away on this day sixty-eight years ago at 1:15 pm on November 27, 1949. He was 83 years old.  His death certificate states the cause of his death was unknown.

Charles F. Haanel was more than an author and businessman, he was a visionary who saw far beyond what others of his time saw.

After a successful business career, Charles F. Haanel authored no less than five books and an undetermined number of articles. His first work, The Master Key System, brought him acclaim around the world. Napoleon Hill was so influenced by this work that he wrote a letter to Mr. Haanel praising it. His following works, including The New Psychology, Mental Chemistry, A Book About You, and The Amazing Secrets of the Yogi, solidified his place in the annals of the New Thought movement and continue to bring knowledge and wisdom to those who choose to read them. A collection of Mr. Haanel’s articles, sales letters, and influences was published under the name Master Key Arcana.

The philosophy of success Mr. Haanel espoused continues to thrive to this day and influences thousands of students of success world-wide. The Master Key System was one of the books that inspired the hit movie The Secret in 2006. Prior to that, it was rumored that this work also inspired many of the masters of Silicon Valley, including Bill Gates and Larry Ellison.

Mr. Haanel is buried at Bellefontaine Cemetery.

Today, all of Mr. Haanel’s works are available from Kallisti Publishing complete and unabridged.

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