Your PERFECT Day Every Day

Here is one of the best ways to approach goal-setting. It’s so good and so powerful that I use it to this day.

More than that, it’s very simple.

It all begins with this acknowledged fact: Your primary desire is to have every day be a good day — a day to which you look forward.

That being the case, it therefore begins with . . .

. . . defining what that day would look like.

You begin by being completely honest about your perfect day. What that means is that many right now would say that they want to relax by the pool and do a bunch of nothing — all day, every day. The reality, proven by experience, is that would not last very long because you would get bored! Look at how many retirees become stir crazy because they have nothing to do! (Or worse, look at how many basically opt to die because they aren’t useful anymore.)

Furthermore, it has been found that work-related stress is not the killer it was once thought it was; it has been found that some levels of stress actually improves one’s life!

As a healthy human being, you need to struggle . . .

. . . you need to compete . . .

. . . you need to set high goals . . .

. . . and you need to work to attain them.

These are the things that not only define you and give meaning to you . . .

. . . they give you life.

With that in mind, define what you love to do. List those things that you absolutely love and would like to do every day.



Work with animals?


Solve problems?

Put a man on Mars?

Investigate the subatomic world?


You can do anything to which you set your mind!

You have but to ask and the question will be answered . . .

. . . knock and the door will be opened.

So dream big!

And then you can delve into the details of your day.

Maybe you’d like to awaken at early.

Relax with a cup of coffee or tea.

Read an interesting book.

After your morning revitalization, you work. Either you go to a job that you enjoy or you have a business.

Later, perhaps you’d like to go to the gym; maybe even take a sauna or steam.

Do you want to prepare dinner at home? Go out to eat? What do you want to do in the evening?

In other words . . . What would be a perfect day every day for you?

Plan it.

Plan it, then anticipate it.

Plan it, then anticipate it, then live it.

As you hone what you want and what you are passionate about . . .

. . . and as you get and maintain that clear image in your head . . .

. . . you will discover the ways and the means to make it happen.

It may not happen over night, because it hardly ever does. By keeping your eyes open to the possibilities around you . . .

. . . you will attain that day . . .

. . . and keep it every day.

Plan your perfect day.

Find the ways and means to make it happen.

Live it every day.

You deserve a perfect day because you read great books.