7 Steps to Being a Positive Thinker (Robert W. Bly)

My complaint with many self-help books is that they preach the “power of positive thinking.”

Sensibly enough, they advise us to think positively.

But the problem is … they don’t tell you how to think positively.

To correct this flaw, I share with you 7 steps that show you how to think positively — even if right now you’re in a negative place.

#1 Start your day early.

If you currently start work at 9am, make it 8am or 7am. That way, you get a jump on your tasks for the day. By lunch, you have made a big dent in tackling your priority problems. Result: You feel less stressed and not so pressured.

#2 Positive affirmations.

Instead of reading a list of generic positive affirmations from a self-help book, write out half a dozen or so positive affirmations that are specific to you. Because they are personalized, they will help you more than the usual “canned” affirmations.

#3 Live one day at a time.

Live for today. Be in the present.

#4 Don’t ruminate about bad things that happened to you in the past.

The past is like a cancelled check — you can’t change it or take it back. So let it go.

#5 Don’t project into the future.

Don’t agonize over things that haven’t happened yet. There is no benefit to worrying. So don’t do it.

#6 Take action.

Do something every day to resolve problems — especially those causing you upset. You’ll be energized by having taken concrete steps. Even better, you may actually eliminate the problem.

#7 Count your blessings.

Yes, things could be better. But they also could be worse. We all have good and bad things. Focus on what makes you fortunate.

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